Heading to Yosemite, cold weather edition…

Top section is all clothing: insulated pants, synthetic (dry-fit) shirts, waterproof boots for trekking through the snow. Jacket is an Arc’Teryx Atom SV. Next row down is the pack itself, then bright orange compression sack is a zero degree sleeping back, windshield reflector (makes a great, and very light, radiant heat reflector), medium orange sack contains a hennesey hammock ultra-light (and four carabiners for easy setup/breakdown), below that is a four season insulator pad for the hammock (black bag), and thermalite liner (red bag). To the left of those things: 50 feet of paracord, bandana/rag, ziplock with lens cloth, extra batteries, and a backup light, small multi-tool, magnesium firestarter, pocket knife, flashlight, repair tape, and compass. Below that you can see a pack with all my medical supplies plus water tablets (should be snow to work from, but if not rivers and streams). Then below the red bag is a mini-trangia spirit burner sitting on top of the titanium cup I cook things in. Everything else is camera stuff. Food not pictured.


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